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Electronic travel authorization to enter Thailand (eVisa Thailand)

The Government of the Kingdom of Thailand is currently waiving the 2,000 Baht (61 USD) fee to enter Thailand with eVisa on arrival until the 31st of May, 2020. After this date, all travelers may be required to make an additional payment of 2,000 Baht upon arrival in Thailand.

What is the Thailand eVisa?

In order to speed up the visa approval process, the Government of the Kingdom of Thailand has implemented a Thailand eVisa on arrival online. The Thailand Online Visa is an electronic travel authorization which is intended to allow citizens of eligible countries to enter Thailand mainly for tourism purposes.

By allowing eligible citizens to apply online for a visa before traveling the new process vastly simplifies the procedures to enter Thailand. The approved eVisa for Thailand will then be sent directly to the applicant by email.

This electronic visa is known by different names, Thailand eVisa, Thailand visa online or Thailand eVOA (Thailand electronic visa on arrival).

To be eligible, travelers must have a passport valid for at least thirty (30) days upon the entry date and arrive by plane at one of the international airports in Thailand. Once there, they can pass quickly through border control using the dedicated fast line for eVisa on arrival holders.

Thailand eVisa on Arrival (eVOA)

  • The Thailand eVisa on arrival is the original visa on arrival that allows travelers entry to Thailand.
  • The eVOA, electronic visa on arrival, can be obtained 100 percent online through a simple application form.
  • It is necessary to obtain the visa online before arrival in Thailand.
  • This eVisa for Thailand is available to citizens of 18 countries.
  • Once approved, the valid eVisa is sent to the applicant’s email.
  • The eVOA can be used to travel to Thailand for several purposes, among them: tourism, business, education, medical and wellness, sports, and transit.
  • The Thailand online visa on arrival grants holders a stay of up to 15 days.
  • Travelers can apply for the Thai online visa between 30 days prior to their trip to up to 24 hours before their expected arrival in Thailand.
  • There is an additional payment for the application which is being waived until the 31st of May, 2020. After this date, a fee of 2,000 Baht (US $61) may be required upon arrival.

The Thailand visa online simplifies the visa application procedure as there no need to visit Thai Embassies or queue at the Thai border. The Thailand online visa application form will only take a few minutes to complete online.

Who needs to apply for an eVisa to go to Thailand?

Depending of your country of citizenship, the travel Thailand eVisa requirements and regulations may vary. Nationals of 18 countries are able to request an electronic visa on arrival for Thailand. The Thai eVisa on arrival or eVOA enable citizens of these countries to obtain a visa electronically prior to travel to Thailand.

Eligible nationalities will be able to apply for a Thai eVisa on arrival by completing the Thailand online application form. There will be some basic Thai visa online requirements which applicants must meet.

Thailand Online Visa on Arrival Eligible Countries (eVOA)

In November 2018 Government spokesman Puttipong Punnakanta announced that as of December 1st, 2018, visitors from these 18 countries would have their visa-on-arrival fee waived for 60 days. This decision was made to boost tourism numbers from these countries. This was later extended until 31st of May, 2020.

Citizens who wish to enter Thailand who are not from visa-exempt countries will need a Thai visa online (eVOA) or another type of visa that will be convenient to consult with your embassy, according to your travel purposes.

The Thailand visa online application process will be quick and simple to complete. Applicants will need to revise that all sections of the form are completed with accurate information. The same applies for the eVOA for Thailand application form.

Travel to Thailand with the Online Thai Visa

Thailand is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Its stunning beaches, enchanting islands, rich and spicy cuisine, and unparalleled nightlife make it a popular destination for travelers of all walks of life.

The Thailand eVisa online on arrival will allow tourists to visit the country without the need to visit an embassy or queue up at the Thai border. Citizens of 18 nations can easily obtain the electronic visa for Thailand.

The applicant simply needs a valid passport, a debit or credit card, and an email address. Additional requirements include a passport-style photo to upload on the online application.

The applicant will then need to print a copy of the approved Thailand visa (Thailand visa online on arrival) and present it, along with the passport, on arrival at the Thai border control.