The Best Time to Travel to Thailand

best time to travel to thailand

Thailand is one of the most popular destinations for tourists from all around the world. And with good reason: idyllic beaches, friendly locals, one of the finest cuisines on the planet, and the possibility to submit Thailand visa application form online are just some of the advantages of choosing Thailand as your next holiday.

Thailand is also a big country. With a territory double the size of the UK and season cycles that are completely different from most Western countries, figuring out an itinerary and the best time to book your first Thai trip can be hard.

The eVisa for Thailand was designed to make the process of applying for a visa to travel to Thailand easier and faster no matter the month you plan to travel in. This means that you will now be able to apply for what used to be the Thailand visa on arrival online weeks before you actually set foot on the plane. It’s great news because you can now dedicate more time planning the perfect holiday with the perfect weather without having to worry about the visa.

This article is meant to make things even easier for, as it includes information and travel advice for Thailand, including the best time of the year to visit Thailand according to the weather, travel costs, Thai tourist online visa application process, popular destinations, and more.

When to find the perfect weather in Thailand

As Thailand presents such an extended territory and varied landscape, there is not just one best month to visit the whole country. But if one is after clear skies and beach weather, it’s fairly easy to avoid Thailand’s rainy season with its torrential downpours.

The best way to avoid the rain in Thailand and enjoy the dry season is to go between the end of November and April. The beginning of the dry season — November to February — is considered cool by Thai standards (don’t expect the rigid temperatures of a European winter though) while March and April represent the hottest time of the year — ideal for relaxing on the beach.

Best time to visit Thailand depending on your itinerary

Walking around the streets of Bangkok, visiting the Buddhist temples in Chiang Mai and enjoying a ride on the longboats of Phuket are just some of the amazing experiences you’ll live in Thailand.

It’s not rare for foreigners to arrive in Thailand thinking to only want a few weeks on the beach and end up falling in love with the country and opt for a Thailand visa extension.

The many beauties of Thailand are best appreciated in different weather conditions. What follows is a quick list.

When to Visit Bangkok

Temperatures in Bangkok are never too extreme, ranging between 20-35 Celsius degrees depending on the season. However, humidity is what makes the difference.

April, May and June may feel insufferable due to the hot and humid weather. It’s best to go between November and March to stay dry and relatively cool.

When to Visit Phuket

Phuket is on the Southwestern coast of Thailand and, together with Krabi and the Andaman Islands, is a popular destination for the famous full moon parties and water activities like scuba diving and surfing.

Temperatures and water conditions are at their best in December and January. For expert surfers, the highest waves are found between July and October.

When to Visit the Gulf Islands

The Gulf Islands on the Southeastern coast tend to be less rainy than the rest of the country. Therefore, the heat becomes the main factor when planning your time there.

February and March are perfect for a beach holiday at the Gulf Islands — it’s warm and sunny but not as hot as April.

When to Visit Chiang Mai

The North of Thailand is home to some of the most stunning temples in the country and the many popular elephant parks.

October to January is when the weather in Chiang Mai and the rest of the North is at its gentlest. You can expect a dry climate with pleasant temperatures (watch out for the cool hours in the evening though, when a jacket comes in handy).

Best Time to Go to Thailand on a Budget

Thailand is notoriously a very affordable holiday destination. Food, accommodation, and transports will all surprise you with both their quality and accessible prices. Of course, the wet season is also considered the low season price-wise.

Yet, what will really make a difference in your overall travel budget is the price of the flights to Thailand. Airfares tend to be lower between May and October which therefore also becomes the cheapest time to visit Thailand. You’ll experience hot and humid weather due to the seasonal monsoon, but with a good itinerary, you’ll still be able to enjoy your Thai adventure.

A mistake that many first-time travelers to Thailand make is to rush into booking cheap flights before receiving their approved visa or eVisa. Although approval times are very quick, you should allow yourself enough time to gather the documents required for Thailand visa and check that everything is in order. For example, you may have to renew your passport if it’s going to expire during or just after your holiday.