Travel from Cambodia to Thailand

travel from cambodia to thailand

There are many ways to travel from Cambodia to Thailand and certain aspects that travelers should take into account, such as whether they need a Thailand visa, how they wish to travel and for how long.

This article is written to help travelers who are planning to travel from Cambodia to Thailand and need to know information such as whether it’s necessary to request a travel visa to Thailand from Cambodia or which way is the best way to travel from Cambodia to Thailand.

It is possible to travel from Cambodia to Thailand by plane, train or even by boat. There is also the possibility of crossing at the land border between Thailand and Cambodia.

Do I need a visa to enter Thailand from Cambodia?

Depending on where individuals are from and for how long they plan to travel will define whether or not they need a Thailand tourist visa for the trip. There are a number of countries which are able to enter Thailand from Cambodia, without the necessity of requesting a visa. However, this depends on the duration of the desired travel period. While some countries are permitted a 30-day visa-exempt stay, others are only permitted 14 days or other duration amounts.

The following countries need a Thailand visa if they plan to visit Thailand for more than 30 days:

There are a variety of Thai visa types which travelers should look into prior to requesting a specific type of visa. The most typical is a Thailand tourist visa, although, for those looking to stay for a longer travel period or traveling for other purposes, it may be suitable to research other types of Thailand visa.

Travelers are also able to request a Thailand visa on arrival from Cambodia. However, if a visa is necessary, it is favorable to request a visa prior to traveling in the case of travel from Cambodia to Thailand.

There are various visa requirements for the Thailand visa on arrival for Cambodia. It is vital to check visa requirements and necessary documents prior to travel in order to avoid complications at immigration checkpoints.

How do I get a Thailand visa from Cambodia?

It’s simple to get a Thailand visa from Cambodia when submitted and processed online. Thailand visa applicants can fill out the Thailand visa application form which is sent off to be scanned and authorized electronically.

The application form is a straightforward process and applicants can complete it in a matter of 10 minutes. It requires personal, passport and contact details to be provided, as well as the planned date of entry to Thailand.

Applicants are advised to check their passport validity prior to Thai visa application, as most visas require your passport to be valid for at least half a year as of the date of entry to the country of destination.

Organizing a travel visa to Thailand from Cambodia online and receiving a Thailand visa by email enables applicants to request and receive an approved visa without having to visit an embassy.

In order to avoid receiving a rejected visa application, applicants should revise the Thai visa requirements and make sure that they are able to comply with the requirements and regulations.

How to go from Cambodia to Thailand?

There are multiple ways of traveling from Cambodia to Thailand.

For traveling from the east of Cambodia, it may be better to travel Cambodia to Thailand by plane. In the case of flying to Bangkok, applicants are able to apply for a visa for Bangkok and obtain a Thailand visa in the case that a travel visa is required. This option is also suitable for those who travel Cambodia to Thailand by train, as well as those who travel Cambodia to Thailand by boat. Bangkok, Thailand’s capital, is the biggest point of entry to Thailand and therefore, train stations, ports and airports receive many visitors daily.

Border Crossings to Thailand from Cambodia

There are certain immigration checkpoints along Thailand’s border where travelers can cross the border and travel from Cambodia to Thailand.

Usually, crossing the border to Thailand from Cambodia is due to travel from Cambodia to Thailand by bus. Passports will be checked at the immigration checkpoints and travelers will be required to show and documents required, such as a Thailand visa.

List of International Check Points on the Thailand/Cambodia border:

  • Cham Yeam International Checkpoint
  • Choam Sa Ngam International Checkpoint
  • Chong Chom International Checkpoint
  • Doung International Checkpoint
  • Poi Pet International Checkpoint
  • Preah Vihear International Checkpoint
  • Sihanoukville International Checkpoint

Please be aware that both Cambodia and Thailand have a touting problem with visa issue which can lead travelers to be scammed and charged at expensive rates. Travelers should ensure that they go to official immigration offices or save hassle by obtaining necessary documents such as a Thai eVisa prior to travel.