Can you go to Thailand without a visa?

There are many citizens of various countries who can go to Thailand without a visa. However, there is usually a limit for how long you can stay without a visa. If travelers wish to exceed the maximum visa-free stay, they can request a Thailand visa online prior to traveling.

There are two types of schemes and agreements between Thailand and other countries: tourist visa exemption scheme and bilateral agreement.

Depending on the agreement that Thailand has with a particular country will depend on whether natives of the particular country will be able to visit Thailand without a visa. The period of visa-free travel also depends on the particular agreement.

The following countries pertain to the tourist visa exemption scheme and are able to visit Thailand for up to 30 days without a visa:

The following countries have a bilateral agreement with Thailand which enables them to a visa-free stay for the following travel periods:

14 days
30 days
90 days
  • Cambodia
  • Myanmar
  • Hong Kong
  • Laos
  • Macau
  • Mongolia
  • Russia
  • Vietnam
  • Argentina
  • Brazil
  • Chile
  • Korea
  • Peru


Travelers who wish to travel for longer than the visa-exempt period will be able to apply for a Thailand visa online.

Individuals planning to visit Thailand for long periods of time or other purposes should check the various Thailand visa types to ensure that they apply for the correct visa.

It is possible for certain nationalities to apply for a Thai visa on arrival at the Thai border. However, the travel period is shorter than the Thailand tourist visa which can be requested prior to travel. The Thai visa on arrival enables travelers to visit Thailand for 15 days.