Full Moon Party in Thailand for Tourists

Tourist Full moon party in Thailand

Years ago, a group of tourists were amazed at how beautiful the moon looked in Koh Phangan, one of the gorgeous islands of Thailand. They decided to arrange a party at Haad Rin beach on the night of the full moon.

Since then, the event grew immensely and nowadays the iconic beach celebration in Thailand draws a staggering 10,000-30,000 people every month. The event starts at dusk, when the star of the party makes its first appearance over the sandy white beach: a huge yellow full moon hypnotizes everyone in sight.

Thousands of lamps light up the twilight while little tables line up the beach to seat thousands of tourists along the shore. If you have long been dreaming of attending this unique monthly celebration, make sure to check out whether you are eligible to apply for an eVisa online for Thailand, in order to avoid queueing at the border for a Thailand visa on arrival.

What to Expect at the Full Moon Party in Thailand

The night gets wild with DJs mixing all sorts of music from trance, to techno, drum and bass, even commercial dance and reggae, there is something for every taste as tourists burst out in dance.

Jugglers, twirling fireballs on ropes, spinning fire poles, giant jump ropes lit on fire and fire-eaters light up the sky with their gracious movements while enthusiastic dancers take a break and chill out over drinks. The Thai Full Moon Party is arguably one of the wildest beach parties in the world!

Travelers that do not enjoy hedonism and debauchery are advised to take the moon phases into consideration when planning their holidays in Thailand. Transportation and surrounding areas become very crowded in the days prior to the big party. So much so that neighboring countries, such as Indonesia, experience tourists flying out to Thailand to attend this wild party.

Visitors not interested in the Full Moon Party, are advised to avoid going to Haad Rin and the islands around Koh Samui during the week before the full moon.

Party-goers planning a visit to Thailand for tourism are advised to check whether they are required to apply for Thai visa for tourism.

What Is the Koh Phangan Full Moon Party?

Dubbed the wildest beach party in the world, Thailand’s Full Moon Party draws tens of thousands of visitors to Koh Phangan month after month.

Vendors sell buckets filled with cocktails, fire blazes all around while people dance the night away -often in little more than neon body paint.

With many people literally falling asleep wherever they fall on the sand in the wee hours of the morning, you can probably imagine what the beach looks like the next day when the party scene cools off in the afternoon.

If attending this wild party has always been in your plans, make sure to apply for a Thai eVisa while getting your trip organized so you avoid queueing at the border upon your arrival and can get to the party in no time.

When to Go to the Full Moon Party in Thailand

The Full Moon Party takes place every month at the time of the full moon, as its name suggests, all year round.

The Koh Phangan Full Moon Party peaks during Thailand’s busy tourist season. The biggest months to attend the Full Moon Party are December, January, and February with its highest attendance on New Year’s Eve.

Occasionally, the Full Moon Party is a day before or after the actual full moon in order to observe the most important Buddhist holidays, -many of which are based on lunar events and occur during a full moon

Tourists wishing to attend the party while transiting through Thailand may be eligible to apply for a Thai transit visa online, a quick and easy process. Eligibility depends on which airport you will be arriving at, which airline you are flying with and what your nationality is.

Safety Tips for Attending the Koh Phangan Full Moon Party

  • Book your accommodation ahead of time and far from Sunrise Beach since the party is very loud.
  • There are usually paths to get into the party for free. Others have been blocked in order to charge an entrance fee.
  • Wear closed shoes and avoid being barefoot on the beach. No glass is served, however, there still may be sharp objects on the sand.
  • Be extra cautious around fire activities, many people end up with burns on their feet, legs and arms.
  • Drug laws are strict in Thailand yet party-goers still use them there. Undercover police attend the party to keep things in order.
  • Keep an eye on your belongings since there are sometimes robberies at the party and its surroundings.
  • Avoid swimming while intoxicated, the moon affects tides and creates strong currents.
  • Secure your valuable belongings in a safe before leaving to the party.
  • Keep an eye on your drink as bucket druggings are quite common.
  • If you chose to sleep, look for one of the “designated” sleeping areas.

Cambodia tourists may want to make a quick stop in Thailand just to attend this party if their travel dates coincide with the full moon.

Getting to the Full Moon Party in Thailand

You can get to Koh Pha Ngan by ferry from neighboring islands or fly in to Koh Samui then catch a ferry.

Transportation can be booked ahead of time in bus-boat or train-boat packs, or you can make your own way to the island.

Travelers visiting Laos sometimes hop over to Thailand especially to attend the Full Moon Party.

What to Wear to the Full Moon Party in Thailand

There is no need to pack much for the party since many attendants are either in bathing suits or just body paint. Wear light clothing and avoid taking any valuables.

Make sure to apply for a Thailand visa online before attending the party. The process is quick and easy and takes as little as 24 to 72 hours to be approved!