Thailand officially launches Thailand e-Visa on arrival to draw in tourism

thailand officially launches thailand evisa on arrival

Thailand has launched an electronic visa on arrival for foreign visitors in an attempt to simplify the immigration process upon arrival. The Royal Thai Government has introduced an online application for a visa on arrival to facilitate entry to eligible citizens of 18 countries. The purpose of travel must be tourism and the visa grants a stay of 15 days.

Thailand’s Immigration Bureau Acting Commissioner Surachet Hakpal said that the new Thailand e-visa on arrival is expected to deal with the overcrowding in airports in Bangkok and other main airports in the country. Hakpal said that right now tourists generally wait between one to two hours to get their visa on arrival and go through the immigration control. The Thailand online visa on arrival would reduce the waiting time considerably.

Foreign travelers who wish to visit Thailand will be able to obtain Thailand’s e-Visa on arrival through an online application. Travelers can get the electronic visa between 30 days to up to 24 hours before the intended time of arrival in Thailand. The goal behind the Thailand e-Visa on arrival is to shorten the waiting time for a visa and to simplify the overall process.

What do I need to get an online visa on arrival for Thailand

With the release of this electronic visa on arrival, the government of Thailand expects smoother immigration controls. The Thailand online visa on arrival can be easily completed through an online application form. Applicants will be required to provide their personal information and passport details.

Travelers, however, must meet certain requirements in order to get their Thailand visa. These are the requirements to obtain the online visa on arrival for Thailand:

  • Applicants must be the citizens of the countries indicated by Thailand’s Ministry of Interior.
  • Passports must be genuine and have over 30 days validity.
  • The online visa on arrival is for tourism purposes.
  • Applicants must have a confirmed return ticket within 15 days.
  • The address provided in Thailand by the applicant should be legitimate and verifiable.
  • The fee of the visa must be paid in Thai currency and it is non-refundable.
  • Travelers should have enough funds to cover the cost of their trip

It is important to note that the visa on arrival to Thailand grants its holders a stay of up to 15 days. Whether it is a hotel, hostel or a family or a friend’s home address, travelers must have a valid address. The passport only requires a minimum validity of 30 days from the intended date of entry.

When entering Thailand, travelers with a visa on arrival will get a stamp on their passport. At this moment, the purpose of the trip is tourism only.

Who can obtain the online visa on arrival for Thailand?

The Royal Thai Government has made the online visa on arrival for Thailand available for the following countries:

Citizens of the countries listed above can apply online for a Thailand visa on arrival up to 24 hours before their expected time of arrival in Thailand. They can also apply up to 30 days prior to their trip.

Once the application has been submitted, the applicant will have a Transaction Reference Number (TRN). Travelers must print a copy of their electronic Thailand visa on arrival and present it along with their valid passport when arriving in the country.