Thailand eVisa Cost

Payments and fee for the Thai visa

What Is the Cost of the Thailand eVisa?

In 2019, the Thai government introduced the Thailand eVisa on arrival. This electronic visa on arrival is intended to simplify the application process for those wishing to visit the country. It was initially free of charge but from October 2019, visitors will be required to pay a fee of 2,000 Thai Bahts on arrival in Thailand to cover the cost of the Thailand eVisa.

The eVisa is intended for nationals of countries that require a visa to visit Thailand. Check the requirements for the Thailand eVisa to see whether your country is one of those that need a travel authorization.

The new system means applications can be carried out easily and quickly from home, avoiding the need to travel to an embassy or consulate.

Paying for Your Thai eVisa

There are two costs involved in your Thai eVisa:

  • The processing fee when you make the online application
  • The fee on arrival in Thailand

The eVisa is quick and easy to apply for. After you have filled out the simple Thailand eVisa application form, then you will be asked to pay for the processing costs by credit or debit card.

Nevertheless, travelers to Thailand should be aware of the upcoming change with regard to costs. Initially, there were no further charges, but from 31st October 2019 those entering the country will be required to pay the Thai electronic visa price of 2,000 Baht (61 USD) on arrival.

This fee will be paid to the Thai immigration official once you enter Thailand.

This could be at any of the country’s international airports or at land borders. You will be asked to show your eVisa, which we advise to print off in advance, and the official will check that the information (such as passport details) matches the information on the eVisa. Once your entry has been approved you will then be asked to make the payment. Please make sure you carry the local currency as the fee must be paid in Thai Baht and cannot be paid in foreign currency.

Why Is There Now a Charge for the eVisa?

The reason why there is now a charge on arrival in Thailand is pretty straightforward.

Tourism creates jobs for more than 6 million people in Thailand and generates revenues of almost $80 billion. It is one of the most important sectors of the Thai economy and one which the government is keen to promote.

As part of a range of measures to attract visitors, the Thailand electronic visa was conceived to make it easier for those from countries that require a visa to apply. However, this new system has come at considerable expense for the Thai authorities given the number of man-hours required to process the online applications. The cost of the Thailand eVisa is simply to cover administrative costs and is not intended to make a profit.