Traveling from Singapore to Thailand

traveling from singapore to thailand

Many tourists choose to visit several different Southeast Asian countries on one trip. This is a great opportunity for those wishing to experience the diverse cultures, cuisines, and landscapes that this area of the world has to offer.

One popular option is to go from Singapore to Thailand. The guide below provides foreigners with all the essential information for making the journey including:

  • Transport methods to get from one country to the other
  • Document and vaccination requirements for Thailand
  • Applying for a Thai visa from Singapore

Documents Required to Travel from Singapore to Thailand

In order to enter Thailand, all citizens of non-exempt countries must have a valid visa. Visa requirements remain the same regardless of whether the overseas visitor is departing from their home country or from elsewhere, such as Singapore.

The specific visa conditions for Thailand depend on the nationality of the applicant, tourists should check the requirements carefully and, if necessary, apply for the permit.

Citizens of Singapore are able to spend up to 30 days in Thailand visa-free. If they intend to stay in the country longer than this they will need to apply for a Thai visa online.

How to obtain a visa for Thailand from Singapore

Thanks to the eVisa for Thailand, foreigners from several countries can request the essential permit from anywhere in the world online.

The electronic visa can be applied for directly from Singapore, with only an internet connection required and no need to visit an embassy or consulate, it is ideal for spontaneous travelers.

All applicants must meet the eVisa requirements for Thailand including:

  • Valid passport: this must have been issued by an eVisa eligible country
  • Email account: to receive notifications from the Thai authorities and the approved eVisa
  • Credit or debit card: required to pay the eVisa fees

Other documents required to go from Singapore to Thailand

In addition to being in possession of a valid passport and visa, foreign visitors may be asked to present the following documents in order to cross the border into Thailand:

  • Return/onward flight tickets proving plans to leave Thailand
  • Accommodation reservation for the duration of the stay
  • Proof of funds sufficient to cover the trip

Although there are no mandatory vaccines, foreign nationals are advised to speak with a healthcare professional for guidance and further health advice for Thailand.

How to Get from Singapore to Thailand

Thailand is located 1,015 miles (1,635 km) from Singapore. The 2 nations do not share a land border as they are separated by Malaysia, meaning any journey overland will pass through Malaysia.

Tourists have several modes of transport to choose from, as explained below.

Flying from Singapore to Thailand

The most convenient option for traveling from Singapore to Thailand is to fly. There are direct flights from Singapore to a number of Thai destinations including Hat Yai, Krabi and the capital Bangkok.

Prices and flight times vary, the following is an indication for a summertime flight from Singapore Changi to Bangkok Airport:

  • Price: from around $60
  • Flight time: 2 hours 25 minutes

Airlines with direct flights from Singapore and Thailand

The following companies operate flights between Singapore and Thailand:

  • Thai Airways
  • Thai AirAsia
  • Bangkok Airways
  • Cathay Pacific
  • Thai Lion Air
  • SilkAir
  • Scoot
  • Jetstar Asia
  • Singapore Airlines

The frequency of flights depends on the time of year. Prices can be compared using online portals and tickets are available to purchase online.

Traveling by train from Singapore to Thailand

It is possible to get to Thailand from Singapore by train but taking around 2 days and involving many different legs, it’s not a popular option amongst tourists.

The total train journey covers some 1,233 miles and requires several train tickets, the price of which adds up to about $80.

The advantage of the train is that it is a good way to enjoy the scenery including beautiful natural landscapes.

Taking the bus from Singapore to Hat Yai

Another way to make the journey overland is to catch the bus from Golden Mile Tower in Singapore to the Thai city of Hat Yai.

  • Price: from $30
  • Journey time: around 14 hours

The sleeper buses, which depart late afternoon and travel during the hours of darkness, are a good choice. Tickets can be purchased online in advance.

Cruises from Singapore to Phuket

Several companies offer cruises from Singapore to the Thai island of Phuket. Most trips also stop off in Malaysia and take a couple of days to arrive in Phuket.

Cruises are a relaxed and often luxurious way to make the journey. Prices range greatly depending on the service and room type selected.

To provide an idea of prices, one company offers a 4-day voyage from $503 for the most basic cabin, up to $790 for a suite.

Whether arriving by land, sea or air, foreigners should ensure they have a visa for Thailand if they are not a citizen of a visa-exempt nation.