Thailand visa on arrival speeds up entry to the country

thailand visa on arrival speeds up entry country

The Thailand visa on arrival speeds up entry to the country. Currently, citizens of 18 countries can obtain their eVOA through an online system before traveling to Thailand. The on arrival visa for Thailand is processed quickly saving travelers hassle and time. The system has improved its processes in recent months, improving the experience for the applicants. As of February 14th, the system will be more efficient and even quicker. The Thai eVOA saves travelers up to two hours when arriving in Thailand. Holders of an electronic visa on arrival can avoid the long queues to get the visa at a Thai airport.

In order to get the visa on arrival for Thailand, travelers from 18 nations can quickly complete an online application form providing their personal details, passport data, and travel information. All applicants must have a valid passport when filling out the eVisa form and must pay a visa fee through a secure payment system.

The eVisa on arrival for Thailand aims at reducing the waiting time upon arrival at entry ports in the country. In the past, travelers have had to wait for long periods to receive their visa to enter Thailand. With the new method, foreign visitors will have already provided all the necessary information through the online application form. When approved, the eVisa is sent to the applicant’s email. The control checks run more smoothly since this visa system was implemented.

When arriving in Thailand, holders of a visa on arrival can present their printed copy of their Thai eVOA along with their passport. Foreign visitors should also beware that there are certain objects that are not allowed in the country. Travelers can only bring in one liter of alcohol and 100 cigarettes.

Countries that benefit from the improved eVOA processes

While the visa on arrival simplifies the process of traveling to Thailand greatly, it is essential that eligible citizens meet the necessary requirements.

Travelers from 18 countries will need the following:

  • The passport must be at least valid for 30 days from the date of arrival in Thailand
  • A verifiable address in Thailand (accommodation address, or friends or family address)
  • A confirmed return or onward ticket that shows that the traveler will leave the country after the 15 days have passed. Open tickets will not be accepted. Leaving through land borders will not be accepted as proof either
  • Proof of enough funds to cover the expenses of the stay in the country

Eligible countries

At this time, nationals of the following 18 countries can apply online for the Thailand eVOA. A holder of a Thailand visa on arrival can avoid long waiting times and queues upon arrival:

Thailand received over 35 million foreign visitors in 2018. The implementation of new visa processes by the Thai government has the main goal of making travel to the country easier and smoother. Arriving with the eVOA for Thailand is having positive results and improving traveler’s experience when arriving in the country.