Thailand Visa on Arrival for Andorran Citizens

Thailand eVOA Application online from Andorra

For tourist stays up to 15 days in Thailand, Andorrans can benefit from the possibility of obtaining online a Thailand electronic visa on arrival.

Previously, the visa on arrival required Andorra’s citizens to wait in long immigration lines upon arrival in the kingdom. That is no longer the case. It is now possible to skip those lines and file for an eVOA through a simple online application form before traveling.

Although it is true that most European passport holders can travel to Thailand visa-free for stays of up to 30 days, citizens of Andorra are indeed required to obtain a tourist visa for Thailand as the country does not belong to the Schengen visa-free zone.

Thailand Visa on Arrival Online from Andorra

The Thailand electronic visa on arrival for Andorran citizens has been implemented to expedite the application process, allowing the traveler to pre-register online and then join a dedicated fast lane upon arrival in Thailand to gain quick access to the country.

In addition to that, the Government of the Kingdom of Thailand is currently waiving the extra payment of 2,000 Baht (approximately 61 USD) on arrival until May 31st, 2020 in order to promote the electronic Thai visa for Andorrans service.

After this date, all travelers may be required to make an additional payment of 2,000 Baht once they land into the country.

Can Andorran Citizens Get a Visa on Arrival in Thailand?

Yes, it’s possible to get a Thailand visa on arrival for Andorran citizens upon entering the country, but this involves long waits and filling in paperwork at the border.

Pre-registering for a Thai eVOA online before traveling ensures a speedier entry process and a hassle-free experience once reaching Thailand.

Reminder: Andorran citizens traveling to Thailand for more than 15 days or for purposes other than tourism are required to get a different type of Thailand visitor visa.

How Can I Get a Thailand eVOA from Andorra?

Although the Thailand eVOA for Andorran citizens can be obtained between 30 days up to 24 hours prior to the intended date of entry, it is advisable to apply for the eVOA as soon as the traveler knows s/he is going to visit the country. That way Andorran holidaymakers are guaranteed to receive their Thai electronic visa on arrival on time for their trip should any issues arise during the application process.

First, please make sure you meet the below requirements for the online Thai visa on arrival for Andorrans:

  • Arriving by air at an International airport in Thailand
  • Having an Andorran passport valid for at least 1 month upon entry to Thailand
  • Providing a valid credit or debit card details to pay the Thai eVOA from Andorra fee
  • Supplying a current email address at which to receive the Thailand electronic visa on arrival

Applicants must complete the form with details such as personal information and travel document data, as well as answer some security-related questions.

Upon approval, the Thailand electronic visa on arrival for Andorrans will be sent directly to the email address provided by the applicant. The traveler should then print a copy to present at the border so s/he can avoid the regular immigration lines.

Travel Requirements for the Thai Visa on Arrival for Andorrans

In addition to presenting the printed eVOA from Andorra and the passport used for the application, it is necessary to show additional supporting documentation at the Thai border to guarantee entry into the country:

  • A completed arrival card (issued on the plane to Thailand)
  • A passport-sized photograph (4 x 6 cm)
  • Proof of sufficient funds for the duration of the stay (10,000 TBH per person or 20,000 THB per family)
  • The Thai address where the applicant will stay. A hotel or hostel address is acceptable
  • Proof of a return ticket dated before the Thai electronic visa on arrival expires, or a ticket to an onward destination also dated before the expiration date of the Thai eVOA for Andorrans.