Thailand Visa on Arrival for Mexican Citizens

Thailand eVOA Application Online From Mexico

Mexicans planning to stay 15 days or less in Thailand are eager to obtain a Thailand eVisa on Arrival, which is a travel permit that allows citizens of Mexico -along with other nationals- to access a dedicated fast lane to enter the country and, therefore, save time and efforts.

The main goal of this online visa on arrival is to speed up the entry process. How does it work? First, Mexican travelers have to preregister to have an approved eVOA to Thailand. Then, once they land in the country, they will avoid long queues and will need to present the travel document and pay the processing fee.

Read on to know all the details regarding Thailand’s eVOA for Mexicans.

Thai eVOA Requirements for Mexican Citizens

Mexican travelers intending to obtain a visa on arrival in Thailand must comply with the following Thai eVOA requirements:

  • To bring a Mexican passport
  • To have a returning flight to Mexico or another country within 15 days
  • To provide an address where to stay in Thailand (booking of accommodation)

Furthermore, Mexican citizens must present two pictures in ID size that follow Thailand’s guidelines and demonstrate that they have enough funds to remain a maximum of 15 days in Thailand.

If a Mexican family is traveling together, each member has to bring their individual documentation, with the exception of the funds, which can be presented as a group or in an individual fashion. The funds to present per family are 20,0000 Baht, while as per person are 10,000 Baht.

The Mexican passport must be valid for at least 30 days since the date of arriving in Thailand from Mexico.

Mexicans who overstay a Thai visa on arrival: consequences

To overstay a Thailand eVisa on Arrival has legal consequences; therefore, it is relevant that Mexican nationals take the proper precautions to avoid fines or sanctions during or after their trip.

In the case of needing an extension of the visa to Thailand, then travelers from Mexico will need to comply with the criteria to submit a formal request through one of Thailand’s official offices.

How to Obtain the Visa on Arrival to Thailand From Mexico

An electronic visa on arrival to Thailand will be ready 3 working days after the online pre-registering (via Thailand’s online visa application form). Then, the arrival visa will be active when the Thai border officer gives it to its Mexican holder at the airport.

The Thai Visa on Arrival for Mexicans can be requested at the following airports:

  • Don Mueang (DMK)
  • Suvarnabhumi (BKK)
  • Phuket (HKT)
  • Chiang Mai (CNX)

It is not allowed to ask for a Thai eVOA by land or sea.

On the plane, when traveling from Mexico to Thailand, the flight crew will provide a card that must be filled in if Mexican travelers have not previously required an online electronic visa. The card asks for different information, such as:

  • Mexican applicant’s full name
  • Current address
  • Age & gender
  • Reason for their trip to Thailand (business, leisure, medical treatments, etc.)

Giving false information or not to fill in the correct data can cause a visa rejection. It is advised that Mexican applicants ask the cabin crew if there is any problem when providing the information required on the card.

Once travelers from Mexico have landed in Thailand, they will have to face the border control, and those with the compiled card can use the fast queue where a Thai officer will check the card and the documents required.

After having every detail checked, Mexican travelers must pay the visa fee with a credit or debit card. Then, the Thai border officer will give the travel document to Mexican applicants. It is important not to lose it during the trip.

Other visa types for Mexicans traveling to Thailand

Thailand’s Visa on Arrival for Mexican citizens is only available for 15-day journeys to the country. However, if nationals of Mexico are thinking about longer stays, they will have to ask for a Thai tourist visa, which allows them to remain in Thai territory for up to 60 consecutive days. This type of visa, nevertheless, needs to be requested directly at the Thailand embassy in Mexico.

Another type of Thailand travel permit available for Mexicans is Thai’s transit visa. This option has its own set of prerequisites, which are urged to be consulted by Mexican travelers prior to their trip.

Mexicans must know that, if they are planning to arrive in Thailand for voluntary or paid work, they will have to ask for an adequate visa.

How to Prepare the Trip From Mexico to Thailand

Mexicans can prepare several activities in cities or landscapes around Thailand. For example, trekking in the jungle, snorkeling in the Thai beaches, diving, or even take care of elephants in Elephants’ Orphanages. However, it is key to know the dos and dont’s while in Thailand.

It is important to check the vaccination recommendations and other health advice before arriving in Thailand, as well as to know where and what to eat, as the food in Thailand is different from Mexico.

Most international travelers concern about natural disasters. Thailand has monsoon weather, and Mexican tourists must be prepared or even avoid this wet season.

In general terms, Thailand is a secure and open society that is famous for its tourism and welcoming culture.