Thailand visa for French Citizens

Thailand tourist visa requirements for French Citizens

French citizens can apply for a Thailand tourist visa if they wish to travel Thailand for more than 30 days. It should be noted that traveling with a visa exemption only allows travelers to cross the Thai border twice a year, meaning that depending on your travel plans, it may be easier and more flexible to obtain a travel visa.

The new electronic Thai eVisa for French citizens will be available from April 1. It will allow travelers to apply for a travel visa to Thailand without visiting an embassy.

The process of applying for a Thailand tourist visa will consist of an application form which can be completed online. Once approved, applicants will receive the Thai eVisa via email.

Visit Thailand from France with Thailand Tourist Visa

French citizens who obtain the Thailand tourist visa are permitted to stay in Thailand for up to 60 days.

It is possible to request a visa upon arrival in Thailand. However, there are a few differences which may make a big difference to your trip or travel plans. For example, the Thai visa upon arrival gives travelers 15 days less than the Thai travel visa that you can request before traveling.

Requirements of Thai eVisa for French Citizens

There are certain requirements that applicants should check before applying for the Thai eVisa, as failure to comply with the Thai visa requirements could result in a rejected visa.

  • Applicants should verify that the Thai tourist visa is eligible for their specific nationality (French citizens are eligible for Thai visa application)
  • French passports should be valid but also remain valid for at least 6 months upon entering Thailand
  • A valid online payment method is required for visa application
  • An email address is required in order for you to receive your visa

All information provided throughout the process of the Thai tourist visa application should be accurate, as applicants risk visa approval. Failure to adhere to the above requirements will also result in a declined Thai eVisa.

Thailand Visa Application for French Citizens

The online visa application process for the Thai eVisa is a simple application process for French citizens who wish to request a Thailand tourist visa online.

Applicants are required to fill out their personal details. as well as passport details and other details of the planned trip.

It takes a matter of 10 minutes to complete the online visa application form. The electronic process speeds up the process significantly, as applicants need not visit an embassy and receive their Thai eVisa via email.

Once approved and received at the email listed in the application form, applicants should print their Thailand tourist visa ready for traveling. This visa document should be accompanied with the correct French passport and any other necessary documents.