Thailand Visa for Koreans

Thailand tourist visa requirements for Korean Citizens

Travelers to Thailand often require a travel visa for their stay in the country, depending on their citizenship and the duration of their visit. Additionally, there are different types of visa depending on the activity the person plans to participate in during their stay, for example, business, tourism, medical, religious travel, etc.

Visiting Thailand for Korean citizens will soon become much easier to organize with the Thai online visa program that is being implemented by the Thai government. This scheme will allow citizens from the Republic of Korea to travel to Thailand with an electronic travel visa for a total of 90 days without the need to visit a Thai embassy or consulate before departure.

Korean citizens will have to wait until 2019 to be able to complete their Thailand visa application online to travel with an approved eVisa.

Do Korean citizens need a visa to enter Thailand?

To obtain a visa for Thailand from Korea, eligible citizens must currently visit a Thai embassy or consulate in order to apply for a traditional tourist visa for a 30 or 60-day duration.

Citizens from the Republic of Korea are currently subject to the Bilateral Agreement with Thailand that allows entry into Thailand with the corresponding approved visa. Koreans are not able to process the Thailand visa on arrival that is available for other nationalities.

The Thai tourist visa allows Korean citizens to travel to and around Thailand for a maximum stay of 90 days if they request an extension of 30 days to the standard 60-day visa.

Thailand Tourist Visa for Koreans

The objective of the new Thailand visa for citizens of Korea is to improve border controls at points of entry into Thailand through air, land and sea travel.

Additionally, the plan to allow visitors to apply for a Thai visa for Koreans through an online platform will simplify and speed up the process of obtaining the necessary travel documents.

How to apply for a Thailand visa for Koreans

By permitting eligible citizens to apply directly online for a Thailand visa for Koreans, travelers will be able to organize the required travel paperwork comfortably, from their homes, by quickly submitting an online application form which will be processed in order to send the approved eVisa via email directly to the traveler.

The process consists of the following steps in order to receive a Thailand visa for citizens from the Republic of Korea:

  • Complete the online application
  • Receive email to confirm submission of application
  • Receive approved eVisa via email
  • Print eVisa to present at the Thai border with corresponding passport

Thai Visa Requirements for Citizens of the Republic of Korea

Before filling out the Thai visa application for Korean citizens, each traveler should review the Thailand visa requirements to make sure they have the necessary documents in order and match the eligibility requirements:

  • Be a citizen of an eligible country such as Korea
  • Hold a passport with 6 months validity upon entry to Thailand
  • Be able to pay the Thai visa fee online via credit/debit card
  • Have a current email account to receive the granted eVisa for Thailand