Thailand Visa for Singaporeans

Thailand tourist visa requirements for Singapore citizens

Thailand and Singapore are both located on the Southeast Asian Indochinese peninsula, separated only by their mutual neighbor, Malaysia. Diplomatic relations with Thailand were established in 1965 after Singaporean independence, and the countries were two of the first to sign the ASEAN declaration that created the Association of Southeast Asia. Singaporeans can currently travel to Thailand visa-free for up to 30 days, but for longer periods the Thailand visa for citizens of Singapore is required.

Do Singaporeans Need a Visa to visit Thailand?

At the moment, a Thailand tourist visa from Singapore is not required for stays up to 30 days in the country. However, for longer periods a Thailand visa for Singaporeans will be required. Singapore is not eligible for the Thai visa on arrival, so the visa to Thailand from Singapore for periods over 30 days must be obtained before travel.

Thailand Visa from Singapore

Those wishing to travel to Singapore from Thailand for periods over 30 days should consult the Thai visa types for that which best suits their needs. For purposes other than tourism, they will have to select a Thai non-immigrant visitor visa type from the following:

  • Work
  • Business
  • Teaching
  • Study
  • Journalism
  • Legal Purposes
  • Research
  • Sport

These visa for Thailand from Singapore types are currently only available from a Thai consulate or embassy. However, it’s likely that the electronic Thai visa application for Singapore citizens will be implemented in the coming months. Chinese, French, British and Emirati citizens are already eligible for the Thailand eVisa.

How Can I apply for Thailand eVisa form Singapore

The eVisa application will save candidates time from having to get a visa from their country’s Thai embassy or consulate. The Thailand visa for Singapore citizens will be available through the simple Thailand online visa form, which will only take a few minutes to complete. The online Thai visa application for Singapore citizens requires applicants to fill in basic data such as name, address, date of birth, and passport details.

After paying the Thailand visa for citizens of Singapore fee and submitting the Thai visa application for Singapore citizens, the Thai eVisa will be sent via email and arrive in the applicant’s inbox.

A copy of the visa to Thailand from Singapore can then be printed to present at Thai border control alongside the corresponding passport. It’s important to double-check the data entered in order to avoid delays or rejection of the visa for Thailand from Singapore.

Thailand Visa Requirements for Singapore Citizens

The online Thai visa requirements from Singapore are uncomplicated. In order to get the Thailand visa for Singaporeans, applicants will need to:

  • Possess a valid Singapore passport
  • Have a credit or debit card to pay the visa fee
  • Provide an email address to receive the visa

As the Thailand visa for Singapore citizens has not yet been implemented, any further requirements will be posted on this website when updated.

Travel to Thailand from Singapore

Upon receiving the Thailand visa for citizens of Singapore, travelers will be able to plan their travel itinerary. The online visa for Thailand from Singapore is valid for up to 60 days, which will allow travelers to enjoy a full business or leisure stay in Thailand. However, it’s important to avoid overstaying a Thai visa, as heavy penalties and even jail time can result depending on the seriousness of the offense.

The visa to Thailand from Singapore can be renewed for an extra 30 days stay, but this must be done before the visa expires to avoid problems. Furthermore, the Thailand visa for Singaporeans cannot be renewed electronically and applicants must go to a Thai immigration office, including in Bangkok, Pattaya or Phuket, to do so.